High Peak Councillor pledges support

In a letter to Derbyshire County Council, High Peak Borough Councillor Steve Sharp has said, "I am writing to express my extreme disappointment in the decision by the County Council to close Combs Infant School. Not only is it an excellent educational facility with very hard-working, high-quality staff, but it is the centre of the community."

Mr. Sharp, who is the prospective Parliamentary Candidate for the Liberal Democrats in the High Peak, went on, "Unfortunately the argument for the closure is on a cost basis which doesn't actually stack up. Even if this wasn't the case the County has a moral duty to educate these young children in the village in which they live, not moving them to other schools miles away."

"County Councillor Barrie Taylor and I will be leading the Lib Dem fight to save Combs School, and will be requesting a meeting with Alan Charles. If we don't make progress we will be going straight to Nick Hodgson, the Chief Executive"