Help with Letters to DCC

We've had a few questions from people around the village. While they're passionate about keeping the school open, they're not sure how to go about writing a letter of opposition to DCC. So we want to provide some assistance.

Now, DCC aren't going to take any notice of the letters they receive if they've just been copied from a template. They need to hear everyone's views, in their own words.

But if you're stumped as to how to put your letter together, here are a few suggestions.

Start your letter by explaining who you are, what your attachment to the school and village hall is, and how long that connection has been.

Then, list the reasons why you think the proposed closure shouldn't go ahead.

And finally, tell DCC how strongly you feel about the importance of keeping Combs School, Village Hall and Chapel open, for yourself and the wider community.

These are some of the reasons that people have already written to DCC about - they may correspond to some of your own ideas. A good letter would probably only talk about three or four of these ideas at most.

  • Village Hall and school is centre of community (make reference to any event you attend there e.g. fun day)
  • Closure would take away the heart of the community, since financial viability of Village Hall is linked to the school
  • Only other village amenity is the pub
  • Village hall provides community centre (community group, brownies, sewing circle etc.)
  • I have attended weddings, christenings etc at Village Hall
  • The school has recently achieved an “outstanding” assessment by Ofsted
  • Why would you close an excellent school when the government and opposition is focused on improving education?
  • Closure of the school will not address the surplus places at Chapel, since there is not a history of children going from Combs Infant School to Chapel
  • Given that Combs Infant School is an outstanding school, its closure cannot serve to improve the overall standard of education provided in the area
  • There is a presumption against the closure of rural schools
  • I/my children/other relation received a great education and start in life at Combs pupils
  • Closure of the school will require the provision of additional transport from the village, increasing the carbon footprint
  • The cost saving in closing Combs Infant School will be of no material benefit to the wider population of Derbyshire pupils

Various villagers have offered to help anyone with letter-writing - particularly the elderly - so if you know of anyone who needs help, please let the Campaign Team know.

Find out who to write to, and read excerpts from letters that have already been sent to DCC.