The Brownies Appeal to DCC

From a letter to DCC written by the leader of Combs Brownie Pack:

Combs Brownie Pack was formed in the village in 1958. It is the only organisation for children in Combs and we meet in the Village Hall/School/Chapel.

If the school closes, funding for the Village Hall will cease from DCC and in such a small village it is unlikely that the Village Hall will be able to afford to keep going. There is nowhere else in the village to meet, and in any case, we are COMBS Brownies.

The Village Hall is a wonderful setting for our outdoor activities and we make full use of this. The Brownies host the annual harvest festival in the chapel and join in with other services and village events whenever possible.

DCC always state that they are encouraging facilities for children and young people, so please don't make 2008, when Combs Brownies celebrate their 50th anniversary, the year in which they have to close, because there is nowhere to meet.
The Brownies sent their own comments to DCC, listing the reasons for not closing Combs School. Here are a few of the things they said.
Combs School is like a big family.

It teaches children very well.

It is a really useful place for the village because weddings, meetings, parties and Brownies meet there.

Teachers and other staff would lose their jobs.

Some people might have to move house to find another good school.

It is hard to make friends in a new, big school.

There are less children in all of Combs school than in one class at other schools, so you get a better education, and you can do much more things.

Lambs, rabbits, hares, ducks, birds, hills, flowers, trees, butterflies, and frogs can be seen from the school windows. It's a lovely country school and these things matter.